How to Associate


The Montagne Fiorentine Model Forest is always open to new memberships.


If you want to join us and be member of our association, you have to fill the following requesting form. Your request then will be examinated by the Board of Directors and we will communicate you if you have been accepted!

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Can be members of the association
  • Public Institutions
  • Private entities with legal form 
  • Private entities without legal form 
  • Single people over 18 years old that recognize the goals defined by the FMMF's statute and that are in the reference area of the municipalities, belonging to the municipalities of Valdarno and Valdisieve whose government formally join the association.
We can accept other parties outside this geographical area, as far as they recognized an opportunity on the participation in the life of the association and give somehow a contribution to the achievement of the objectives thereof.
According to the Statute , it is necessary to formalize the request to the Board of the Association by completing the downloadable form above and send it with the original signature , together with the receipt of the payment  of the annual fee due, depending on the dimensions of who in asking, (see below).
The Council of the Association reserves the right to accept or not granting the request which will be discussed during the first meeting of the Board of Directors itself.
In case of acceptance , the Secretary will notify the successful adhesion via email. In the event of non-acceptance , the fee will be returned to the applicant.


Association Fees

ANNUAL QUOTE OF ASSOCIATION to the MONTAGNE FIORENTINE MODEL FOREST established in the Constitution ( 28/2/2012 ) is:
  • REGIONAL OR LOCAL AUTHORITIES with more than 5,000 inhabitants € 500
  • REGIONAL OR LOCAL AUTHORITIES with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants € 300
  • PRIVATE ENTITIES with a legal form( corporations, associations recognized ) € 200
  • PRIVATE ENTITIES without  a legal  (partnerships , associations not recognized) € 100
The fee must be paid :
Through the current account in Banca Etica No. 143759 made payable to the Association
IBAN: IT63 G050 1802 8000 0000 0143 759


Associazione Foresta Modello delle Montagne Fiorentine

Sede legale Via Poggio alla Cuna 7, 50060 Londa (FI)
Sede operativa: ShowWood, via Calamandrei angolo via Picasso, 50068 Rufina (FI)

Phone:+39 331 1162589

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