The Territory

Montagne Fiorentine Model Forest is located in the region of Tuscany, centre of Italy. It encompasses 7 municipalities of the eastern province of Florence, stretching its boundaries till the province of Arezzo.

It covers 548 square kilometers (54.800 ha) and includes 64.000 inhabitants.


grey: region of Tuscany

green: Province of Florence

red: Montagne Fiorentine Model Forest


The 7 municipalities of our Model Forest are:






    1. San Godenzo
    2. Londa
    3. Pontassieve
    4. Rufina
    5. Pelago
    6. Rignano sull’Arno
    7. Reggello














Our Landscape

The Montagne Fiorentine Model Forest's landscape is characterized both by human and natural features. Human activities are represented by estensive agriculture, tourism and handcrafts especially in densely populated villages, creating a complex mosaic shaped by men during thousands of years of civilization. 

Geographycally, the model forest is on a hill and medium-mountain area, with 70% of its territory covered by forests of oaks, sweet chestnut, beech. Coniferous species like Austrian pine, silver fir and Douglas fir are found in plantation. It includes also several natural protected areas.

The economy it is strongly connected to agriculture, especially wine and olive oil, while forests are managed from centuries for wood and non-timber forest products such as mushrooms.