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The association wants to help to improve the integration and sustainability of the forest and the land's management, increasing the cohesion and awareness of the net of all the social-economic components that directly or indirectly belong to that territory.

The association is proposed as a new instrument of governance of forest, agricultural and rural land in general, and It will operate in the areas of the productive chains, commercial distribution, market, environment, tourism, culture, recreation. Important aspect is the value of sharing of know–how with partners and networks.


Goals of the association are:

  • To achieve balanced and sustainable development of environmental, economic and social sectors of the territory, through protection and enhancement of natural and human components of the ecosystem: soil, water, air, flora, fauna, forest and agricultural production, settlements, infrastructure and services.
  • To enhance forestry sector, promoting integrated sustainable management, in order to create a productive chain for timber, non-timber forest products, as well as ecosystem services.
  • To develop and consolidate cultural and social-economic status of the territory, as part of a qualifying governance towards sustainability.
  • To develop and promote participation of different components of local community in forestry and rural development projects, including innovative forms of business and networking.
  • To reformulate and optimize land system and infrastructure of the territory for production, use, safety, and settlement.
  • To promote rural diversification opportunities arising from secondary productions, not only based on wood, and forms of recognition of forest ecosystem services.
  • To develop a forest sector, increasing utilization of technology and mechanization, diversifying the products, increasing entrepreneurial business qualification skills and safety in the working places.
  • To optimize and develop timber industry and, in particular, production and processing of timber for structural use, products of low and high technology concept. To promote qualification of the wood - energy chain in all its components, from firewood to wood chips.
  • To develop and consolidate marketing for local agricultural and high quality products, promoting forms of association, consortium, cooperative aiming to overcome common limitations of convenience and logistics of distribution.
  • To coordinate activities of tourist reception, excursions, sportive and cultural activities on the model forest area.
  • To target high professional preparation for actors in the field of wood production chains.
  • To design, promote and create innovative ways to achieve general and specific objectives of sustainable development of the territory and its social members.
  • To increase communication, information , transmission of knowledge and skills, insertion into the network.
  • To promote, transmit and share - both in territorial and far areas -  the Model Forest approach as a standard of governance and as a permanent network of examples of territorial management oriented towards sustainability.


Associazione Foresta Modello delle Montagne Fiorentine

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Sede operativa: ShowWood, via Calamandrei angolo via Picasso, 50068 Rufina (FI)

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