Thematic Committees

Thematic Committees are the executive body of our Model Forest. In fact, they support and advice the Board of Directors and they put in action the Strategic Plan.

Everyone is welcome, member or not, to be part of a Committee, so to have a group representing different perspectives and capabilities.


The four thematic committees are the following:

Environment and Society 

Coordinator Mirka Faganello

This committee aims to identify resources and that can be promoted through specific projects. Guiding values are knowledge implementation, sharing and sensibilization. Environment is our best common good and we have to take care of it, giving value and recreating a fair and positive connection between humans and nature.


Culture and Tourism 

Coordinator Giacomo Navarra

This committee aims to promote sustainable tourism across our model forest. Main values is to stimulate existing associations, producers and public administration to develop a network working on common goals.


Productive sectors 

Coordinator Lara Fornai

This committee works in two specific product chains, agriculture and wood. Agriculture-chain aims to promote good food, from local producers. Local food is a way to talk about history of the territory, health food, coming from environmental-friendly practices, highlights sustainability. Wood-chain aims to promote "good timber", which is the timber guaranteed by our trademark "FMMF il Legno". The trademark guarantees that timber is from local sources, it comes from sustainably managed and harvested forests, and it is legally harvested.

To know more about the trademark visit


International Relations 

Coordinator Toni Ventre

This committee aims to connect with Mediterranean and international networks. Fundamental value of the model forest approach in fact, is information and knowledge-sharing within model forests of the network as a way to connect different part of the world that face similar challenges, developing an integrated strategy to face them.




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